Freedom is Wisdom!


About Fisdom

Fisdom is a new JMOOC certified platform which allow you to attend online  full-fledged lecture from PC and smart phones.
Based on our concept "Freedom is Wisdom", Fisdom can offer free learning place at anytime and anyplace!

Features of Fisdom

Free choices, various courses!

No registration fee, no commission and no tuition.
Enroll into as many interesting lectures as you want.
Start learning today, absolutely free of charge.

Always in your hands.

Easy to access 'n' learn from PC & smart phones.
Getting closer to the University level lectures
and reachin' for the pieces of knowdedge!

Free learning anywhere!

You are free to decide when and where to take courses.
Special course environment? You do not need it! 
Forget about heavy reference books.
*iOS and Android apps "Fisdom" will be available from early October 2016.


Choose a course!

Try some interesting courses from our selection and
collect your favorites in your My Courses page.
None of the courses are mandatory!
New courses will eventually become available.

Let's get started!

You decide your own pace. It’s a class just for you!
If you decide to stop midway, you can always pick up from where you last left off.
Want to study offline? Just download the lecture materials!

Learn with depth!

Discuss an issue you care about in the discussion boards.
Not only students but also teachers can share their input.
Gain knowledge with full support.

Cooperate and synergize!

Your fellow students will evaluate the reports you submit,
and your teamwork will lead to higher levels of understanding.

Boast about your achievements!

Upon completing a course, Fisdom will issue you with a certificate to prove you completed the course.
Every time you attend, you may recognize it will change into a form efforts.

Let's dive into the new world of knowledge!