Terms of Use

Article 1  (Scope of Application)

 1. The Fisdom terms of use (hereinafter the"Terms") apply to the Member, as defined in Article 2, who uses theFisdom service (hereinafter the "Service") provided by Fujitsu Japan Limited (hereinafter the "Company").

 2. TheService may include services or content provided by a third party (hereinaftera "Business Partner") in cooperation with the Company. The BusinessPartner bears responsibility for the services or content provided. Furthermore,other terms of service set by the Company or Business Partner may apply to suchservices or content.

Article 2  (Definitions of Terms)

 The definitions of terms used in the Terms areas follows:

Membership Applicant

An individual who wishes to become a Member of the Service.

Membership Registration Information

Information entered by a Membership Applicant into the registration form designated by the Company at the time of the membership registration and on the profile screen.


A person who applied to use the Service and acquired a Fisdom account.

User Information

A general term for a Member's personal information acquired by the Company, including:
- Member Registration Information;- Posted Information;
-Aggregated Information (i.e. the information aggregated from Membership Registration Information and Posted Information); and
- Action History (i.e. the information automatically collected as the user uses the Service).


A general term for an online course provided by the Service or the classes provided at a university or other educational institution.

Course Provider

The corporation or individual who is the entity providing a Course.

Course Registration

Course application by a Member requesting to attend the Course.

Course Participant

A Member who has completed Course registration for a specific Course.

Discussion Board

The message board provided by the Service as an area for postings by Course Participants and Course Providers.

Course Content

Information composing a course, including all the textbooks, images, and videos provided by the Service, statements in Posted Information from a Member or Course Participant, and other information.

Posted information

Information including postings to the Discussion Board, responses and comments to an assignment, scores of and comments on peer scoring, and submissions from Course Participants in Courses.

This Site

The site stipulated by the Company to provide the Service to the Members.


The right of a Member to use the Service. The account is assigned to the Member's e-mail address.


Article 3  (Change of Terms, etc.)

 1. In the event that the need to change any ofthe Terms arises, the Company will notify the Members of what the Company changesand the effective date of such change at least 1 month(s) prior to such effectivedate in accordance with Article 3.2.

2. The Company will notify the Membersof the change of the Terms by publishing it on This Site or sending an e-mail tothe Members.
 3. The Members who use the Service after thecompletion of notice set forth in Article 3.2 shall be deemed to have agreed toall of the changes in the Terms.

 4. Thelatest terms of the Terms shall always be published on This Site.


Article 4  (Provided Service)

 1. The Service is a digital learning platformservice where the Members can attend various lectures via the Internet.

 2. Through the Service, the Members are ableto not only view and browse Course Content but also receive learning services,such as by participating in discussions and answering assignments, of theregistered courses.

 3. TheCourse Providers are the entities in charge of the Courses provided by theService.

Article 5  (Membership Registration)

 1. Membership Applicants shall proceed withthe membership registration procedure on the "Create your newaccount" screen. However, the Membership Applicants shall have tounderstand the Terms and agree to the Terms, and they shall also provide theCompany with correct information at the time of application.

 2. Membership Applicants themselves shallpersonally submit their applications.

 3. An application can be made in person by aMembership Applicant who is any of the following: a minor, an adult ward, aperson under curatorship, or a person under assistance (hereinaftercollectively, a "Person with Limited Capacity"); provided, however,that the Membership Applicant is required to obtain the prior consent of thelegal representative, guardian, curator, or assistant.

 4. Once the Company verifies and accepts thecontents of an application from a Membership Applicant, the MembershipApplicant becomes a Member and can use the Service. The message "Your newaccount has been registered.", considered to be notification of theacceptance to the membership applicant, appears on the screen displayed throughe-mail authentication at the completion of account registration.

 5. The Company may revoke the acceptance of aMembership Application from a Membership Applicant without the obligation todisclose the particulars of such decisions by the Company to the saidMembership Applicant, if:

 (1) the Membership Applicant is already a Member;

 (2) the Membership Applicant breached the obligations under the Terms inthe past;

 (3) the membership application contains a false statement, erroneousentry, or omitted entry within the declared items;

 (4) the Membership Applicant is any Person with Limited Capacity who hasapplied for use without obtaining the consent of a legal representative,guardian, curator, or assistant; or

  (5) TheCompany finds the Membership Applicant to be inappropriate to be a Member forany other reason.

Article 6  (Change of Information Provided by theMembers)

 1. If the contents of information provided bya Member to the Company or a Business Partner have changed, such Member shallreport the change to the Company or Business Partner immediately.

 2. If the Member fails to report the changeset forth in Article 6, Clause 1, the Company or Business Partner may suspendprovision of the Service to such Member.

 3. After theMember has reported the change set forth in Article 6, Clause 1, if the Companyrequests the Member to submit documents, etc. certifying the changed contents,such Member shall respond to such request immediately.

Article 7  (Management of the Account and Password)

 1. Login to the Service needs the e-mailaddress (hereinafter the "E-mail Address"), which has been registeredas an account, and password (hereinafter the "Password") of theMember to receive the Service. The account and Password may only be used by theMember.

 2. The Member shall: (a) strictly manage itsown account and Password on its own responsibility to keep them secret andprevent their loss; and (b) not disclose them to a third party. The Membershall be responsible for all actions and results brought about with suchMember's account and Password to the Service, regardless of whether the Membertook the actions or was negligent.

 3. If a Member saves its account or Passwordon information equipment and such information equipment is lost or stolen, suchMember shall change its account and Password immediately to prevent a thirdparty from using them.

 4. The Company, Business Partners, and CourseProviders assume no responsibility for damages due to the use of the E-mailAddress and Password together with the Service for any illegal purpose.

 5. Once aMember becomes aware that the E-mail Address or Password has been stolen orused by a third party, such Member shall report it to the Company immediatelyand comply with any instructions given by the Company to such Member.

Article 8  (Prohibited Transfer, etc.)

 The Membershall not transfer, sell, or sublicense the right granted to such Memberhereunder, nor change the name of such Member. Only the Member may use the information and copyrighted works providedby the Company, Business Partners, and Course Providers to the Member in thecourse of the provision of the Service. The Member shall not make any of thesaid information and copyrighted works accessible to a third party without theprior written consent of the Company, Business Partner, or Course Provider.

Article 9  (Equipment, etc.)

 1. The Member shall prepare its own devices,software, and any other equipment necessary in connection with such devices andsoftware (hereinafter collectively, the "Member's Equipment") thatare necessary for such Member to use the Service, at its own expense andresponsibility. The Member shall also connect with the Service through theInternet at its own expense and responsibility.

 2. While using the Service, the Member shalltake security measures (such as protection against computer virus infection, unauthorizedaccess, loss or damage of information equipment, or divulgence of information)appropriate to the Member's Equipment at its own expense and responsibility.

 3. TheCompany shall not have any duty to ensure the compatibility of the Member's Equipmentwith the Service, including the duty to modify, change, or add to theequipment, system, and/or software, etc. that are managed by the Company ormanaged by a third party on behalf of the Company, nor shall the Company haveany duty to make changes, etc. in how the Service is provided.


Article 10  (Membership Cancellation)

 1. If the Member wishes to cancel itsmembership, he or she shall personally perform the membership cancellationprocedure by sending an e-mail to the administration office.

 2. If the Member who wishes to cancel itsmembership owes any amount of money in connection with the Service, such Membershall pay the full amount owed by the date of membership cancelation.

 3. The amount of money owed as described inArticle 10, Clause 2 remains outstanding until paid, even after the membershipis canceled.

 4. TheMember who wishes to cancel its membership agrees that, even after themembership is canceled, the Company and third parties can use its UserInformation acquired by the Company as the Members used the Service, inaccordance with the Terms and within the scope of the purpose of use in Article19 (User Information).

Article 11  (Participation in the Course)

 1. The Member can register for a Course while theCourse is open for Course registration, by clicking the "Attend aCourse" button.

 2. By registering for a Course as described inArticle 11, Clause 1, the Member shall be deemed to agree to the Companyproviding all or part of the Member's User Information to the Course Providerwithin the scope of the purpose of use in Article 19 (User Information).

 3. The Membermay cancel the Course which such Member has already commenced to attend basedupon agreement between the Member and the Course Provider.
4. Even the Members who havesuspended studies in a course shall be deemed to agree to the Company and theCourse Provider using their user information within the scope of the purpose ofuse in Article 19 (User Information). 5. TheCourse Providers shall bear responsibility for the contents of their Courses.The Company assumes no responsibility for the said contents.

Article 12  (Suspension and Changes of the Course)

 The Membershall agree in advance that the Company and Course Providers may suspend orchange the provision of all or part of any Courses that are being held, in theCourse registration period, or being prepared.

Article 13  (Scope of Use of the Course Content)

 1. The Member can use the Course Content onlywithin the scope of private use.

 2. The Member can neither use the CourseContent beyond the scope of private use, such as allowing an unspecified largenumber of people to view and browse the Course Content, nor for profit withoutthe prior written consent of the Company and Course Providers.

 3. TheMember cannot transfer, duplicate, rent, or publicly transmit Course Content,or otherwise use it in ways not permitted by the Company or Course Providers,and cannot allow third parties to do so.

rticle 14  (Responsibility for Posted Information)

 1. The Member shall be responsible for itsPosted Information.

 2. The Member acknowledges that: (a) theCompany has no duty to save Posted Information, and (b) the back up of anynecessary Posted Information shall be done by the Member on its ownresponsibility.

 3. The Member shall, at its own expense andresponsibility, settle any inquiry, claim, etc. reported by a third party aboutthe use of the Service when such Member's Posted Information is defamatory,infringes a person's right to privacy, discloses a third party's personalinformation without permission, violates the Copyright Act (Act No. 48, 1970),or infringes the rights of others, etc.

 4. The Company may delete the PostedInformation that provides information that may infringe the rights of theothers, such as defamation or copyright infringement, and if:

   - (i) a third party requests the Company todelete such Posted Information and proves that such Posted Information clearlyinfringes such third party's rights, or

   - (ii) theCompany determines that the Posted Information is inappropriate.

Article 15  (Prohibitions)

 The Member shall not take the followingactions in the course of the usage of the Service. If the Member takes suchactions, the Company may suspend its use of the Service, cancel its membership,delete all or part of its information, change the disclosure range, or takeother measures.

 1. Act of unauthorized use of the account andPassword.

 2. Act of using or providing a maliciousprogram such as a computer virus through the Service or in association with theService.

 3. Act of modifying all or part of content andcreating a derivative product based on the content.

 4. One of the spamming actions listed below:

   - Act of consecutively posting the same orsimilar text to places where posting is allowed inside the Service.

   - Act of posting extremely long texts, alarge number of phrases, or a list of multiple phrases with little relevance orno relevance at all to a place where posting is allowed inside the Service.

   - Act of consecutively posting the same URLto places where posting is allowed inside the Service.

 5. Act of infringing (or possibly infringing)the trademark or other intellectual property rights of the Company, a BusinessPartner, or a Course Provider.

 6. Act of duplicating, selling, publishing, orotherwise using the data, information, text, software, etc. obtained throughthe Service, beyond the scope of private use authorized by the Copyright Act.

 7. Act of infringing (or possibly infringing)the asset, privacy, or portrait rights of a third party.

 8. Act of discrimination or mental abuseagainst a third party, or act of defamation harming a third party's reputationor trustworthiness.

 9. Criminal act, or act that is or may beassociated with a criminal act.

 10. Behavior relating to sexual morals,religion, or politics.

 11. Act that is or is likely to be associatedwith fraud, abuse of a controlled substance, the child-sex trade, illegaltransactions with bank accounts and cellular phones, or other crimes.

 12. Act of sending or posting images,documents, etc. equivalent to obscenity, child pornography, or child abuse, actof selling media with the aforementioned materials recorded, or act ofdisplaying or sending an advertisement invoking the sending, posting, orselling of the said materials.

 13. Act that violates the laws regulating theacts of stalking, etc.

 14. Act of setting up or soliciting someone tojoin a pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme).

 15. Act of joining, or soliciting a thirdparty to join, an illegal gambling operation.

 16. Act of directly and explicitly undertakingor mediating an illegal act (handing over a handgun or the like, providingchild pornography, forging an official document, committing murder, issuing athreat, etc.) or inducing a third party to act illegally (including requestinganother person to do so).

 17. Act of posting the following information,or act of sending that information to an unspecified large number of people:

    - Cruel information such as the scene of aperson's murder,

    - Images of animal abuse or similarinformation, or

    - Information instilling feelings ofdisgust or hatred based on some social norm.

 18. Act of inducing or inviting a third partyto commit suicide.

 19. Act that violates the service providerrestrictions based on the Act on Regulation on Soliciting Children by UsingOpposite Sex Introducing Service on Internet, or act that violates theprohibition against unauthorized solicitation activities using the servicedescribed therein.

 20. Act of pre-election campaigning, electioncampaigning, or similar campaigning, or act that contravenes the Public OfficesElection Act.

 21. Act of sending unauthorized e-mail forpublicity, advertisement, solicitation, etc. to the Company or a third party,act of sending e-mail that instills (or may instill) feelings of disgust orhatred (hate e-mail), act of preventing someone from receiving e-mail, act ofrequesting a series of e-mail transfers, or act of transferring e-mailaccording to the said request.

 22. Act of repeatedly connecting to a computerowned by a third party many times in order to make it difficult to use thecomputer.

 23. Act of collecting a third party's personalinformation without obtaining the prior consent of such third party or byfraudulent means.

 24. Act of falsifying or erasing informationavailable in the Service without the proper authority.

 25. Act of using the Service by pretending tobe a third party.

 26. Act of gaining unauthorized access to athird party's equipment, an electrical communication line for network service,electronic communication equipment for network service, an access line, or anaccess point, or act of obstructing or possibly obstructing the use ormanagement of the above-described equipment.

 27. Act of sending or posting a maliciouscomputer program, etc. or making it possible for a third party to receive it.

 28. Act of neglecting to carry out a requiredprocedure in accordance with the law, such as reporting to regulatoryauthorities or acquiring permission/approval, or act that violates the law.

 29. Aside from the respective acts describedabove:

   - Act that violates the law, the Terms, orpublic order and morals (prostitution, violence, cruelty, etc.),

   - Act of interfering with the administrationof the Service,

   - Act of harming the Company'strustworthiness, or infringement upon its property, or

   - Act that disadvantages the Company.

 30. Act of putting a link to data that showsany of the respective acts described above (including cases where a third partycarries out that act).

 31. Act of promoting any of the respectiveacts described above.

 32. Act of making it possible for a thirdparty to carry out any of the acts described above, or knowingly letting athird party to carry out the said act without taking appropriate measures.

 33. Anyother act that the Company considers inappropriate.

Article 16  (Suspension of Use of Service by a Member andMembership Cancellation)

 1. The Company may, immediately without givinga prior notice to the Member, cancel the membership or suspend the use of theService, if:

 (1) the Member is found to be violating the Terms or have violated theTerms in the past;

 (2) the Member is found to have not obtained the consent of a legalrepresentative, guardian, curator, or assistant as set forth in Article 5,Clause 3;

 (3) the Member has delayed payment for the Service or failed to pay theamount owed;

 (4) the contents of the Membership Registration Information are found tocontain a false statement, erroneous entry, or omission;

 (5) the Company determines that the Member interfered with theadministration of the Service by some means;

 (6) the Member commits any of the acts stipulated in Article 13 (UseScope of Course Content), Clauses 2 and 3, and Article 15 (Prohibitions); or

 (7) the Company determines that the Member is an inappropriate person tobe a Member.

 2. TheCompany shall not be held liable for any damage caused by a Member who cannotuse the Service because of a measure described in Article 16, Clause 1


Article 17  (Interruption of the Service)

 1. If any of the following situations arises,the Company may temporarily interrupt the Service without notifying the Member beforehand.However, if the Company can forecast the situation beforehand, the Companyshall try to notify the Member in advance through means such as posting on ThisSite or sending an e-mail to the Member's registered E-mail Address.

 (1) The Company is carrying out construction, maintenance, etc. for theequipment (including the equipment of telecommunications carriers or Internetservice providers) necessary to provide the Service.

 (2) A failure occurs on the equipment (including the equipment of telecommunicationscarriers or Internet service providers) necessary to provide the Service.

 (3) The Company can no longer provide the Service because a fire, poweroutage, natural disaster (earthquake, eruption, flood, tsunami, etc.), or otheremergency occurred.

 (4) The Company can no longer provide the Service because of war,insurgency, riot, public violence, labor dispute, etc.

 (5) The Company decides that the Service needs to be temporarilyinterrupted for an operational or technical reason.

 (6) Any other reasonable cause preventing provision of the Serviceoccurs.

 2. Even ifany of the respective causes in the preceding clause or other reason delays orinterrupts the provision of the Service, the Company, Business Partners, andCourse Providers shall not be held liable for any damage caused thereby to aMember or a third party.


Article 18  (Changes and Suspension of the Service)

 1. The Member agrees that the Company maychange, add, or suspend all or part of the Service without giving a prior noticeto the Member.

 2. TheCompany, Business Partners, and Course Providers shall not be held liable forany damage incurred by the Member or a third party due to the events set forthin Article 17.

Article 19  (User Information)

 The Company shall handle the User Informationacquired through the use of the Service by the Members, in accordance withArticle 11, Clause 2 and the following provisions: 

 1. User Information to be Acquired

 The Company acquires the following types ofUser Information in the course of the Service.

 (1) Membership Registration Information

   In order to use the Service, the Memberenters this registration information in the registration form designated by theCompany and profile settings.

   The following information is registered:

     - E-mail Address

     - Password

     - User name (corresponds to the nicknameor usual name used in the Service)

     - Name (information displayed on thecertificate)

   The following information registered by theMembers is used as statistical information that is not personally identifiable:

     - Educational background

     - Occupation

     - Gender

     - Birth year (Western calendar)

When registering for a paidCourse, the Member shall register additional User Information when necessary.

The Company will expressly show tothe Member such necessary information and the purpose for use thereof duringthe registration.

 (2) Posted Information (Information Registered by Users while Attendinga Course)

   The information includes postings to theDiscussion Board, responses to an assignment, scores and comments from crossevaluation, and submissions from participants in courses.

 (3) Aggregated Information (Information Aggregated from MemberRegistration Information and Posted Information)

   This statistical information is aggregatedfrom member registration information and Posted Information. The maininformation is as follows:

     - Progress of Course participation, and

     - Score information from Courseparticipation

 (4) Action History on This Site

   For the purpose of statistical processing,this information is automatically collected when the Members use the Service.The main information is as follows:

     - Access logs of the website or theirequivalent (accessed URLs, reference order or reference time of course contentor the like, information generated or accumulated on information terminals,etc.), and

     - Viewing history of the videos includedin courses

 2. Purpose of Use

 The Company uses the acquired User Informationfor the following purposes:

   - Provision of the Service and properadministration of courses provided by the Service

   - Communicating with the Members and sendingmaterials to the Members on matters incidentally related to the provision ofthe Service

   - Support for participants and response toinquiries

   - Administration of actual classes relatedto the courses attended by participants

   - Providing information related to theService and recommendations for other courses provided by the Service

   - Sending brochures on seminars and eventsrelated to the courses attended by participants

   - Conducting questionnaires to improve thequality, etc. of the Service

   - Improvement of courses based onstatistical information

 3. Provision to Third Parties

 The Company may provide the acquired userinformation to course providers as follows.

 (1) User Information to be Provided

   Membership Registration Information, PostedInformation, aggregated information, and action history described in Article19, Clause 1 above

 (2) Scope of Provision to Third Parties

   The scope is the Course Providers of theCourses attended by the Members.

   The Company provides the User Information bye-mail, etc. to the Course Providers contractually obligated to properly managethe User Information.

 (3) Purpose of Use of Provided User Information

   The purpose is the same as the purpose ofuse described in Article 19, Clause 2 above.

 4. Provision to Subcontractors

 The Company may assign all or part of itsbusiness to subcontractors and provide the User Information to thesubcontractors within the necessary scope.

 5. Inquiry Regarding Personal Information

 For details on personal informationdisclosure, correction, deletion, discontinued use, etc., please contact us atthe following:


   Systems Dept Ⅲ Public Education Solution Div. Education & Area Solution Development Unit Fujitsu Japan Limited

   SHINAGAWA SEASON TERRACE, 2-70, Konan 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan




Article 20  (Disclaimer)

 1. The Company, Business Partners, and courseproviders do not guarantee and are not responsible for the completeness,accuracy, reliability, usefulness, value, fitness for a particular purpose,fairness, non-infringement of third-party rights, etc. with respect to thecontents of the Service and the information, etc. that the Members can acquirethrough the Service.

 2. The Company, Business Partners, and CourseProviders assume no responsibility for damages to a Member (including damagescaused by trouble with a third party) or a third party as result of the use orunavailability of the Service and are under no obligation to give compensation.

 3. If a Member uses the Service in a way thatdamages the Company or a third party or causes a dispute with a third party,the Member shall compensate for the damage or resolve the dispute at its ownexpense and responsibility so that the Company, Business Partners, and courseproviders incur no damage.

 4. If anydata or the like accumulated on the Company's servers or other equipment islost when a Member uses the Service, etc., or if a third party falsifies thedata or the like, the Company shall use its efforts to restore the data or thelike to the extent technically possible and reasonable as determined by theCompany. By using such efforts for restoration, the Company shall be heldharmless against claims from the Member or third party for damages pertainingto the loss, falsification, etc.

Article 21  (Compensation of Damage)

 1. If a Member uses the Service in a way thatdamages the Company, a Business Partner, or a Course Provider (including caseswhere the Company, a Business Partner, or a third party incurs damage becausethe Member violate the Terms), the Member shall compensate the Company, BusinessPartner, or Course Provider for the damage at its own expense (including courtcosts and legal fees) and responsibility.

 2. If the Company or its partner in a businesstie-up is liable for compensating a Member for damages according to the Terms,the Company assumes no responsibility for compensating for both the damages dueto reasons not attributable to the Company and the damages and lost profitsarising from special circumstances that the Company may or may not haveforeseen.

 3. If aMember suffers damage due to the use or unavailability of the Service, asprovided by the Company, and the damage is attributable to the willful or grossnegligence of the Company, the provisions in this Article shall not apply.

Article 22  (Intellectual Property Rights)

 1. The copyrights and other intellectualproperty rights to all the textbooks, graphics, images, videos, music, sounds,logos, button icons, statements, items, resources, software, and any othercopyrighted works associated with the Service belong to the Company, CourseProviders, or other third parties authoring the works. The Member cannot usethese works beyond the extent permitted by the Terms or by law, such asregulations on personal use in the Copyright Act.

 2. All trademarks, service marks, logos, namesof service functions, etc. relating to the Service are trademarks or registeredtrademarks of the Company, Course Providers, or third parties. The Membercannot use any of them without permission.

 3. The copyrights to the Member's Posted Informationbelong to the Members. However, the Members shall grant the following rightsglobally without cost and claim for consideration to the Company, BusinessPartners, and course providers:

   - Right to duplicate Posted Information

   - Right to publicly transmit PostedInformation

   - Right to edit Posted Information

   - Right to change Posted Information

   - Right to adapt and translate PostedInformation

   - Right to use Posted Information for otherpurposes

 The rights shall be granted within thenecessary scope, such as business operations including provision of theService. The grant of the rights shall remain in force even after membership iscanceled.

 4. TheMember shall not exercise the author's moral rights to Posted Informationagainst the Company, Business Partners, and Course Providers.

Article 23  (Dispute Resolution)

 1. If a Service-related dispute arises amongthe Member, the Company, a Business Partner, and a Course Provider, the partiesshall sincerely consult with each other to settle the dispute amicably.

 2. The TokyoDistrict Court shall be the court of first instance and have exclusivejurisdiction with respect to lawsuits concerning the Terms or the Service.

Article 24  (Language)

 Thegoverning language of the Terms shall be Japanese. If a translation hereof inanother language is made for reference purposes, only the Japanese originalshall have legal effect on the Terms and the translation in another languageshall have no effect.

Article 25  (Governing Law)

 The Termsshall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Article 26  (General Provisions)

 1. The Company, Business Partners, and CourseProviders shall not waive any rights arising from the Terms unless the Companyor Course Providers explicitly notify the Member of the waiver of the rights.

 2. If any provision in the Terms is determinedas unlawful, invalid, or unenforceable, all provisions other than that in therelevant clause shall remain in force and be enforceable.


Effective as of: February 29, 2016


Revision History

Change date


March 24, 2016

Integrated the entries of the Fisdom Privacy Policy into Article 19 (User Information).

March 24, 2016

Added "Occupation" to Article 19 (User Information), Clause 1(1).

October 12, 2018

Modified following provisions, according to the release of paid Courses;


Article 3 (Change of Terms, etc.), Clause 1, Clause 2, and Clause 3; Article 10 (Membership Cancellation), Clause 1; Article 11 (Participation in the Course), Clause 3; Article 19 (User Information), Clause 1(1), Clause 2, and Clause 3(1).